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Does Technology Affect Academic Writing?

Assignment Writing and technology effects on academic writing?

Does Technology Affect Academic Writing?

Assignment Writing

Effects On Academic Writing By Technology

Technology Effect On Assignment Writing


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If we link technology with academic writing, then the impact is pretty defined. Dig deep. You will find tools like grammar checkers, citation generators, vocabulary guides, digital editors, audio converters, and so many others to help students by saving their time and completing academic work more efficiently. Students get to utilize online software for easier learning, faster revisions, better communication, quick creativity, improved connectivity, and so much more. Students no more have to worry about plagiarism crime as advanced online software like Turnitin can take care of the job. But certainly, with positivity comes some drawbacks too. Like students out of laziness, they never put their thoughts on paper, and many plagiarism issues are experienced. Regarding technology connections with academics, copy-pasting, computerization, cyber slang, shorter attention span, and dependence also come in the front line. (Assignment Writing & Technology)


Assignment Writing Hurdles For Students

So, if we look at it in general, technology has a significant impact on students’ behavior towards learning. Internet and electronic devices have had substantial effects on the academic world. Just consider one domain, for example, ‘writing’. These days writers can get many shortcuts to get multiple tasks completed. Not only this, in the academic world, technology has the most potent influence on the research ground. More quality information can now be collected or addressed with the help of technological advancement. Research portals of any university around the globe can be accessed easily with just a click. 


Positive Effects Of Technology On Academics


If we discuss the pros of technology for the education world, improved written communication skills will top the list. Skype, WhatsApp and other apps like these help students communicate and share content. Then automated programs and digital tools are used by students to get a better hand on written communication. The technology has been the student’s best friend to get a simpler version of overwhelming assignments. Not just this, students now can use citation generators to save their time or use Microsoft office for different purposes. Different referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, AGLC can be quickly followed with perfection, and hence the work can be done much faster. Different software and computer programs are playing big roles in saving student’s time.


Editing & Proofreading has become much more straightforward. This new software has sped up the revision process. Grammar check, spelling check, typographical errors, and so much more can be done within just a limited amount of time. Write my the arrival of digital tools in academic writing has increased student’s creativity as well. Students can read or access top trending ideas all around the world. This digital technology provides students with the opportunity to bring innovative ideas for personal projects. Students can collaborate and inspire. Teamwork is promoted at more significant levels. Expert level discussions occur where students or experts address the associated challenges while utilizing fluidity, empathy, and interpersonal communication skills.


Adverse Effects Of Technology On Academics


The top of the list is plagiarism that has become more frequent with the advent of technology in the academic world. The majority of students are now dependent on buying a paper online, and the focus is getting less and less towards compiling unique and research-based content. Students focus more on copying other’s ideas. Maybe students’ trust in their own skills is getting less and less, and they rely more on digital tools. If everything is automated and done with the help of software then students’ creativity is compromised. Writers are and will be more in the future using shortcuts for everything. Style of writing is also affected by the use of apps. This informal writing style sometimes is very apparent in work produced by researchers. Academic writing affirms formality. (Assignment Writing & Technology)




If we conclude this piece of writing, then certainly technology has both positive & negative impact on the academic world. It might be saving a lot of time, but on the other hand, it is making students dependent on it. It is making access to information a matter of second but on the other hand giving rise to the issues of plagiarism. So, the pros & cons of technology go side by side here in this regard.